Theory of an idea

The dawn and the epilogue of an idea

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Image by Danilo Giannini © 2015

From the eclipse of March 20, 2015, with the complicity of glacial Sweden where I live, the eclectic artist Danilo Giannini, and the icon he created that morning the "Manifesto of Eclissi9" was born

What is Eclissi9?
Eclissi9 is an ideal structure born from the original concept of the two founders.

How does it work?
Eclissi9 works like a "production company" that is filled with projects, exhibitions, and events from time to time organized "ad hoc" for authors and selected works but also for the recipients of the artworks.

How is it presented?

Eclissi9 is presented as the Iconic Archetype that inspired the two creators both in the definition of the logo and in that of the Seal.
How was the concept of Eclissi9 born?
The idea was born from the huge passion for Photography by wondering on the fate of it in a country known for its technological leadership; from the concern about the consequences of an exclusively digital approach heralded online; from the observation of the irrepressible reproducibility of images dispensed on the web; from the reaction to "photographic mannerism" and the mere technical canons of perfection of Photoshop; from the need to redefine the concept of "Uniqueness” and "irreproducibility "of photographic icons.

The Uniqueness
The search for the key to the concept of Uniqueness seems inapplicable to Photography. Uniqueness, a synonymous with unrepeatable or its difficult reproducibility, may be the solution, although not the only one, to define Photography as authentic Art, non-counterfeitable. The Uniqueness as an antagonist to replicas.
The Photography, ontologically reproduced endlessly since its birth, appears currently in a state even more critical. Not only because of digital - which has modified the meaning as art, despite having made possible a greater spread and popularity - but also because of the commercial excesses …
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The Vision

The vision of Eclissi9 is a window that opens on three aspects of Photography at different levels: from an ethical-professional level, it defines a Decalogue of a few rules to follow, supported by the seal of authenticity; from an artistic-aesthetic level it involves each author as a Demiurge free in the contents of its Artwork, understood as a single Archetype and willing to use photographic techniques closely although experimental or classical as they have long evolved; from a level of launch-debut it involves the ongoing promotion and the search for places to exhibit the Artwork-debut.
Our mission is the launch of new ideas, the moment of birth of innovative Archetypes in Photography, Visual arts and new art genres, the opening to an unexplored dimension and the unknown, and an invitation to look at it in a different way just as we watched the meeting of the Sun and the Moon on the day of the Eclipse.

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Image by Danilo Giannini © 2016

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