Theory of an idea

The three poems are part of a photo-poetry collection “Words trapped into Icons” (Italian title “Parole Intrappolate nelle Icone”).The Photographic Works of Art reproduced in the book as well as the poems are by the Author Eugenia Berti Lindblad.
The reader will find a key word in every poem, and every poem is “trapped” into the intermediate icon, and every icon is following a file-rouge.
By using a sharp and hermetic style I did try to idealize women's inner conflicts with their “body” and to communicate through photographic mediums and the voice of poetry.
The poem “Constellation”, “Rosanita” and “Nordic Abstractions” will be published in the “Enciclopedia della Poesia Contemporanea” in December.

Thanks to my friend Marina Caruso Natale who helped me with the English translation of the poems.
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Central Station

Grab Love at the central station
take it far away from the noise of the rails
You don’t feel the heart that explodes in your ears
the silence invades your soul
before it reaches your head
You took Love at the central station
From the yellow tunnel you remember
a child’s cry is heard

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Up on the starry way
immaculate shape
you free yourself from the skin that traps you
Your eyes away from the window that humiliates you
You blind the indecent glances
hit the repugnant jaws
You are the anti - body of the obscene icon
the thorny metamorphosis
of the sinuous body
Your skinny shoulders
rot the putrefied flesh
that enslaved you

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Unbreakable Atlas
fading from my fragile memories

The sacred thuja Araar
a remnant treasure of tribal nature
yielded me to the unknown destiny
of a hunted animal

Blind to pain
You disappear from a colourless life
Your enigma ripped by virgin hands
leaves me in solitude
Desolate to my fate, to my legs
running into nothingness
As the icy wind
I fly
I do not cry for help
I swim
I was scarred as a girl
so I appeared to be a woman
to go unnoticed with my cruciform cheekbones
I am an innocent heart
the pure soul of a gazelle

Obscure signs up to the deep tower
lead me elsewhere
the algid waters welcome me to the shores

Your eyes give in to my escape
The last touch I recall
of your gelid hand
of your pale face
The pain of leaving you to the darkness
The pain of losing you
into oblivion

Gender of nobody
my identity veiled
my body disguised

I was born today


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